SDR# Users: Any suggestions for optimizing the software?

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SDR# Users: Any suggestions for optimizing the software?

Post by StrangeBeacons »

I am looking for easy to understand tips and suggestions for optimizing the SDRsharp software for those who know how to set up the software in order to get the best reception for various signals, such as POCSAG/FLEX, ACARS, ADS-B, etc.

Would also appreciate any tips on how to optimize SDRsharp while using an Upconverter.

Don't want to sound too demanding here, but the less that you use technical jargon, the better! I'm an advanced computer user, but a relative newbie to the world of shortwave and scanning. Step by step instructions would earn you multiple Gold Stars next to your name in my personal list of heroes.

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Re: SDR# Users: Any suggestions for optimizing the software?

Post by Eric »

Hahaha gold star eh?

I'm not much help here as you've probably seen- I just muddle through the setups until I find something that works. In many cases, I'm still finding new settings to make it better (like the sampling rate change).

Basically the bandwidth has always been the key for most signals and that's pretty easy to determine via the FFT or online info. As for using the upconverter- I haven't found anything special. Enable the offset for the crystal/oscillator value and tune and adjust. I really should spend some more time with the upconverter but lately I've been too busy building silly stuff :)

Sorry I'm not a tonne of help here. Hopefully others will chime in with some tips.

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