3D Orthipedic Arm Cast/Splint

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3D Orthipedic Arm Cast/Splint

Post by giorgos15723 »

Hello there!
I recently got a job as a 3D Designer for orthopedic equipment.
From my bachelor degree i have learnt Creo and Solidworks.
The thing is that i dont know how to make these geometries...and i dont even know how...can someone please help me out?
Should i use blender? Rhino? Meshmixer? All three of them? How do i make this surfaces?
We have a scaner and we can scan a hand or foot to adapt on the scaned mesh the 3D designed equipment.

Thanks in advance
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Re: 3D Orthipedic Arm Cast/Splint

Post by Eric »

For mine I used Meshmixer to do the cleanup.

Not perfect but works pretty well since people seem to not share methods they are using in favor of selling the products
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